Collaboration Program

Let’s join forces and make an alliance to become stronger and achieve our goals easier.

We have built these partnership programs to add value for your revenue and and same for us which means we’re all winners.

Here are the collaboration opportunities:

1- Revenue share & whitelisting

We will promote your social media account using paid ads 100% sponsored by us and we will share revenue through sales made by these ads.

You will get more exposure which means increasing your followers base and growing your account and revenue.. Here what you will get:

  • 8% of every sale made through the sponsored ads.
  • Exposure up to 250K people or up to $1000 of ads whatever comes first.
  • Of course more followers interested in your content.

If the campaign is successful and making sales, we will continue our investment up to $15,000 per month which means reaching millions of people.

To join, please send an email to with link to your social media accounts.

2-Whitelisting only

Same as Revenue Share program but there is no commission for sales made and we are replacing the commission with a fixed payment for the ad we run through your account.

To join and explore further please email us at

3-Affiliate Program

Earn 10% commission if you make from 1 to 29 sales a month, and earn 15% commission if you make 30 sales or more a month.

we pay affiliates monthly between days 28 to 31 of each month through paypal.

Our products are effective and people love them so it will be easier to market.

This is the Sign-up link Ameero Affiliate Program.